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Into the house where joy lives, happiness wilL gladly come.
(Japanese Proverb)

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A disciple approached to his Zen master. ”Sir”, he asked “ what are you doing to be so happy and content as you are? I would like to be in the same level of mood.” The old man answered with a smile on his face: ”When I lie, I lie, when I go, I go, when I eat, I eat.”






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Tasteful environment like in the high esthetical approach of Japanese culture: “Never too much, ever enough and always harmonic”.

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Durch die neue 3G-Regel, dürfen wir nur noch Getestete, Geimpfte und Genesene in unsere Innengastronomie bedienen. Außenbereich braucht keinen Test. Denkt daher bitte daran Euren Impfnachweis oder negatives Testergebnis mitzubringen, wenn ihr für den Innenbereich reserviert habt.