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Our culinary world

Our Japanese cuisine is light, digestible, sophisticated and powerful at the same time. High-quality ingredients are processed skillfully with rich nuances and animated by contrasting colors and textures.


ROJI – the high art of sushi as in the Ginza of Tokyo. Feel to be transferred into the seclusion of a ROJI teagarden and enjoy harmonious hours in our oasis of peace in the center of busy Berlin-Pankow. Every detail is carefully thought out and handled by our chef. The ingredients of our dishes are handpicked, following the highest quality criteria and are in perfect harmony with each other, and thus you can perceive with all your senses.
authentisch japanisches Ambiente

The secret of a real good sushi is the well chosen rice and an almost living fresh fish, that’s it.
Leckeres Essen und erfrischende Drinks
We create a new kind of “tapas sushi”: LOVE ON THE BOAT a love affair on an avocado boat…. Not only with our sashimi dishes like : SALMON AND TUNA – two bright colors – unlimited taste – we focus on freshness and real quality. With our homemade classic sushi creations – newly interpreted by ROJI – we try to bring the papillae of your tongue to an explosion of taste. A wealthy variety of traditional to modern tastes right in the flair of the old town of Edo which nowadays is called Tokyo.

Leave the troubles of your everyday life behind and immerse yourself into a gourmet-world of Japanese finesse and taste. This will become an experience you no longer want to miss.

Exquisiteart of Japanese cooking

A typical miso-shiru (Miso Soup) or ROJI Special Soup is the perfect prelude to a sushi menu.

Particularly exciting ROJI special-sushi-creations are: “amazing friendship” a loving couple of salmon and avocado, pleasantly enveloped by Nori rice roll coat and cream cheese, covered with eel, salmon flambé, salmon tartar and sesame.
The most delightful way of enjoying Japanese art of cooking is “tempura” which means all kinds of deep frying.
“Ebi Tempura Rolls”: A deep fried shrimp enthrones on a set of traditionally-wrapped Ura Maki sushi and can’t decide whether to immerse into the aromatic soy sauce or to dress with the pleasing sharpness of wasabi.
Small but nice is our range of temptations made of green tea for a wonderful sweet conclusion.
Traditional Japanese beverages going with the meal are green tea or rice wine. Make your choice out of the abundance of numerous tea and wine specialties.
Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance choosing the right authentic drink.

  • Culinary oasis of peace and calm
  • Stylish sushi-creations
  • Japanese flair

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