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Wehold these truths to be selfevident

food is a harmonious unity of appearance, taste, quality and freshness.

You will find in our classic Japanese SASHIMI dishes a fine selection of the freshest tuna or salmon fillet, mixed fish or seafood – an extra dose of protein and minerals from the sea. Crunchy and light are our “ROJI-crunchies” – breaded mini rolls in the variants of chicken, salmon, prawn, avocado, crabmeat, tartar of tuna or butterfish decorated with cucumber, spring onion, chili or sesame. Our selection of Japanese noodle soups ranges from chicken udon over tempura udon (prawns) up to seafood udon. No Japanese food without Donburi, the Japanese rice bowl. Salmon flambé or tuna fillet with a fried egg, vegetables, spring onion and sesame or the luxury variation: “ROJI DON” a variety of different types of fish, vegetables, Tobiko, spring onion and sesame. The perfection of Japanese cuisine is SUSHI – the ingenious combination of fish and rice – which you will find in our place at an innumerous variety. From classic Nigiri sushi – Maki sushi – Temaki sushi up to modern: Inside-out-rolls – vegetarian sushi.Our offer of beverages, wines and spirits is international and tailored to suit our food selection. Green tea, chrysanthemum flower tea and jasmine tea are popular food companions in Japan. We only serve quality wines from renowned winemakers of Germany, France and Spain. Of course you will find the national Japanese alcoholic drinks on our list: classic warm sake, the all sushi fitting Hatshibori Honjozo rice wine or Junmai, a powerful rich premium sake.




Roji Tapas

Roji Plates

Roji Special

Roji Crunchy 8 Stk.

Roji Pizza


Carpaccio & Tataki

Nigiri Sushi 1 pc.

Maki Sushi 8 pcs.

Temaki Sushi 1 pc.

Inside-Out Rolls 8 pcs.

Vegetarian Sushi

Veggie Special Rolls

Udon „Japanese Noodle Soup“

Donburi „japanese Rice Bowl“

Teppanyaki Dishes


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